Open photo booths are just as they sound – open for all to see and here’s why they are better….

People get to see the action

Everyone at your event can see what’s going on in the booth… and it looks like fun! Guests get ideas for their own poses as they watch, or they just get dragged into the booth. Our open photo booths, beauty dish, backdrops and props tempted people in and become just a center for the surrounding party!

The more the merrier
Our record is 25, where 19 adults and 6 children fits in at the same time. The more people, the more fun it will be.

Portable and flexible setup
Our booth setup gives amazing flexibility and portability. If you want to use a cool brick wall in a tight corner of your venue as the backdrop? not a problem!

Our booth is so engaging!  The elegant mirror booth with gold frame, design templates that makes you wow!, fun props and technically skilled attendants, of course.